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Get your Scottish Soft Fruit now!

Our Soft Fruit chair Peter Thomson has told the Herald today that strawberries will soon be in full swing, some early Scottish rasps are already for sale, and the newer crops of brambles and blueberries will be on their way shortly:

“We have got off to a slow start but the good news for fans of Scottish soft fruit is that things will soon be in full swing for strawberries, raspberries and the host of other fruit now being grown on Scottish farms.

“Strawberries that were well protected through the winter have arrived on time, but the main season fruit has been delayed due to the cold weather in both winter and spring. It is now really getting going and the prospects are good for a good year. As always, the season will depend on the weather, and the recent sunny weather has given an early boost to sales.

“The raspberry season will follow much the same pattern with some early Scottish fruit already for sale, but the main crop may be a bit later than usual. This will be followed by the newer crops in Scotland, blackberries and blueberries where larger crops thanĀ  in the past are expected.

“With all the Scottish crops now hitting the shelves, the customer can expect the extra flavour that makes Scottish soft fruit such a treat.”

For best results, eat with cream and Wimbledon.


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