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So many tatties, so little time

November 24th, 2009

Hi everyone

Perhaps its an Irish thing – but when I ordered my 12.5kg bag of Maris Piper’s last week it didn’t even occur to me that it was quite a lot of potatoes for one person.  Suffice to say there may be quite a few potato-based blogs over the next couple of weeks…

As promised, last night was the turn of leek and potato soup.  I’ve made this a couple of times before, but as I never seem to have the time to measure quantities out properly, there are often varying degrees of success!   You’ll be able to see from the photos below that I kept it pretty simple. 

So many tatties, so little time

So many tatties, so little time

I finely chopped up a couple of onions and sautéed these on a very gentle heat with some ground coriander and cumin (couple of teaspoons I’d guess) then added in some chopped leeks to soften. I then peeled, chopped up and added about ten medium potatoes and a pint of stock (plus a dash more to avoid it turning into a stew). Turned up the heat, seasoned and left lightly simmering for half an hour or so, and served with some crusty bread.  Very quick, very easy – and while I struggled to find Scottish cumin and coriander (!) – very satisfying to cook with local produce. 

Next week it’s the turn of the lamb stew sent in by one of our NFUS members, which I can’t wait to have a go at cooking.  Again, it’s very simple – but for those of you in a hurry, it may be something you fancy trying.    

As we are still in November it seems very early to be talking about Christmas already, however, in about ten days we’ll be launching our campaign to promote the use of Scottish produce over the festive season. Everything from stir-fried Brussels sprouts to Whisky cocktails will be included so keep an eye out here and in the press for updates.


Recipe challenge

November 23rd, 2009

Hi everyone

What a busy few weeks..….

Our Chief Exec, James Withers, was down in Westminster at the start of the month continuing our ongoing campaign for a supermarket ombudsman.  While waiting for his plane back to Edinburgh he updated his blog on the topic – check it out at www.nfus.org.uk – I’ll never look at a jar of marmite in the same way again!

At the NFUS council meeting (4 Nov) we were fortunate to hear from Charles Milne, Director of the Food Standards Agency of Scotland.  Among the topics of conversation was the ongoing issue of labelling of produce.    Our members put forward their views on the topic – the feeling being that at the moment labelling is at best confusing and at worst, completely misleading.  Clear and accurate labelling is vital in securing the confidence of consumers in Scottish produce.  A message we will continue to shout about.  

Thank you so much to all of you who have been sending in winter recipes – among those sent in are recipes for winter stews, tasty soups and amazing puddings.  As promised, I’ll be attempting to cook some of them and will be blogging the results right here.   Tonight it’s the turn of leek and potato soup.  Potato of choice tonight is the Maris Piper, grown in Fife (just outside Newburgh) – while I trust the quality of the tatties, I’m not sure I trust the quality of my cooking, so fingers crossed it’s an edible result…


New Face

November 2nd, 2009

Welcome back

Well, it’s nearly the end of my first month at NFU Scotland, working as a Communications Assistant here at Ingliston.  I’ve been getting settled in – and particularly enjoyed my first day lunchtime visit to our local farm shop, Craigie’s!

As part of my role here I have taken over the What’s on your plate? website, and will be keeping you all up to date with our latest events and news stories.

If you would like to pass on any news, pictures, recipes, or details of ‘foodie’ events happening in your area then please get in touch with me at wendy.irwin@nfus.org.uk or give me a buzz on 0131 472 4020.

Watch this space…

Wendy Irwin
Communications Assistant, NFUS

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