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Welcome to the What’s On Your Plate? campaign blog

January 20th, 2009

Welcome to the What’s On Your Plate? campaign blog. By giving you regular updates on some of the activities that NFU Scotland and it’s What’s On Your Plate? campaign are undertaking, we hope to be able to provide an insight into how we are promoting Scottish food and farming.

I am the Public Relations Manager at NFU Scotland and am responsible for running the What’s On Your Plate? campaign. Our aim is to promote Scottish food and farming and to ensure that Scotland’s people are putting Scottish food and drink on their dinner plates!

What we do is very varied. In the last couple of weeks I have had meetings with the Edinburgh Restaurateurs Association about how chefs and farming producers can work together to put Scottish produce onto more restaurant tables. Next week I am meeting with the Chief Executive of Tesco to outline some of the concerns that we have over how the large retailers treat their suppliers and also how they label some of the food that they sell in store. On other days I spend time speaking with journalists, farm shop owners or government officials about how we can all promote one of things for which Scotland is most famous! Its food.

Please continue to check back to this blog to find out what the What’s On Your Plate? campaign has been achieving – and what it hopes to achieve in future.

We also encourage you to get in touch with comments, information or feedback.  Do you buy Scottish food and drink?  Have you been involved in promoting food and farming?  How could the What’s On Your Plate? campaign improve its efforts?

Until next time….
Thanks for reading.
Anna Davies

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